Driving in the USA

By | 11th January 2019

Driving in the United States of America can be easy and difficult at the same time, depending on the city you want to visit. If it is New York, then it will certainly be a bit hard for you especially if you are a beginner. The metropolis is extremely busy and there are plenty of noisy and busy squares with lots of driving signs and lights. However, even if it seems quite confusing in the beginning, you will soon relax and actually enjoy driving in America, no matter the city. Here are some useful tips you must take into account regarding driving in the USA.


First of all, you must make sure you own an international driving permit. For example, if you live in Europe then you will not be allowed to drive in the US. Make sure you are aware of this important detail which is essential. Whether you are planning a route across the United States, or you just want to spend a few days in a metropolitan city, before you actually go for your adventure you must make sure you stay legal on your US trip. For renting a car here you will only need a valid US license, which must be held by the owner for over a year. Furthermore, you need to be above 21, and in some cases above 25. Every car renting company has its own rules which you must definitely respect and follow. A passport or visa are also required. If you meet all these conditions, then you will not need to worry about anything else, just fully enjoy your driving.


Your checklist for driving in the US must include a proof of insurance, a passport/national ID, warning triangles, and also a full & valid driving license. Also, take into account the fact that many of the US states have actually banned using a phone while driving, and that’s why you must use a hands-free system at all times. Radar detectors are allowed in many countries in the United States of America. Washington D.C. Is one of those locations where radar detectors are 100% prohibited, but the fixed location speed camera alerts on sat-nav are unlikely set the motorway patrol after the driver. If you are a single man who is traveling alone to the US, then in order to enjoy your holiday to the fullest we will recommend you to hire a beautiful and smart escort. In America, it is not only extremely easy to find escorts but most of them look absolutely stunning. They are beautiful, intelligent, and they can be paid for traveling with their clients if this is what they really want.


Spending a holiday in the States is without a doubt a dream come true for many of us. However, in order to spend the most amazing vacation and have the chance to visit many locations, it is essential to hire a car. Driving in the US is certainly not difficult and by following all the above steps, you will manage to relax and enjoy to the fullest your time spent here.

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