Useful Tips for New Drivers

By | 9th October 2018

Did you just get your driving license and you cannot wait to drive? Would you like to gain more experience in a quite short period of time? If so, then we strongly recommend you to have a look at the following useful tips for new drivers that you will definitely not learn in a driving school.


Adjust Very Well Your Mirrors

In case your mirrors are not adjusted properly, a blind spot will actually appear. The blind spot is a part of the road that you cannot see, so there are lots of chances to miss a car traveling in an adjacent traffic lane. You must eliminate blind spots and you can definitely do that by adjusting very well your mirrors. In order to check if there is a blind spot, you need to drive past another parked car in reverse, while you look in your side-view mirrors. Once it is out of the picture, you should see it very well with your peripheral vision. Adjust the rear-view mirror so that you can see the back window of your car entirely. When you do this procedure you must be in your normal driving position.

Dry Your Brakes After Driving Through Puddles

This is another useful tip for new drivers and not only. It is essential that once you see a puddle you slow down and go through it smoothly without actually changing speed. In case you drive quite fast, then the water might get into the ignition system and the engine can stall. Furthermore, aquaplaning might start, and that’s the moment when the car will lose traction and the driver loses control of it. Once you have passed the puddle, you must not cut the engine, and you should also not change the speed. It is highly recommended to dry the brakes first. Press the gas pedal and the brake pedal several times. The friction will cause heat, which means that the water will quickly evaporate from the brake pads.

Use the Handbreak Regularly

Even if you do not do angle parking, you should still use the handbrake regularly in order to keep it alive. The only exception is without a doubt the cold weather. When temperatures go down you’d better avoid using the handbrake so that you can protect the brake pads from freezing. This is an easy tip to remember and do, but extremely useful for all drivers.

Never Turn the Wheels Beforehand when Making a Left Turn

It is extremely dangerous to turn the wheels in advance before you actually make a left turn. They need to be in the initial position. In case a car hits you from the back, you can be thrown into the opposite lane where there are lots of chances to hit other cars as well. You must definitely avoid this sort of unpleasant as well as a dangerous situation, and you can do it by taking into account this helpful tip.


All the above tips for new drivers are without a doubt very useful. In order to become a better driver and also stay safe on the road, we strongly recommend you to seriously take them into account.

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